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About Me


Casey Fay is a professional artist/Illustrator working in the Bay Area for the past 10 years.  His previous clients include various schools, restaurants and businesses from all over Northern California.  He has worked on a diverse range of projects, from murals to children's books, from video games to clothing logos. He has shown at numerous galleries all across the Bay.  Currently he is employed by Bristle Bros, a mural company based in Berkeley CA, as a contract painter.


 ● Academy of Art University, Master's in Visual Development, 2013-2018 Currently pursuing my Master's in concept art for games and visual media with a thesis based on mobile gaming. 


California State University Chico,  BA in Computer Graphics, 1995-2002 Bachelor of Arts program concentrated on 3D modeling and animation; Studio Art minor. 



 ● Contract Painter: Bristle Brothers Mural Co. Berkeley CA 2018-Present.

Part of a small group of painters designing and working on various artistic endeavors all over the Bay Area.

 ● Lead Artist / Project Head/Animator: Hemlock & the Horrible Net. Fall ‘17 

Delivered a successful game pitch to the Academy of Art, Game Department, which then became a collaborative student project.  I assembled a team of co-students and together we created a playable demo of our game, Hemlock & the Horrible Net, which is available for the Android, downloadable at Google Play: I was lead artist and animator and oversaw a team of 4 other students. 


● Environment Pixel Artist: Radiant Rune Fist. Spring ’17 

Helped create backgrounds for a side-scrolling 2D pixel game as part of a student collaborative project. 


● Sidequest Gallery, Oakland, CA 2014-2015 

Owned and operated a marvelous little art gallery in Oakland CA.  


EA, Redwood Shores, 2005

 Was a game tester at EA, as part of the CQC, which looks for bugs in games that are  deemed ready for shipping.  



● Maya. Adobe: Photoshop, Animate, Illustrator, InDesign, Unity.  



● Ocean enthusiast, Galleried Artist, Children’s Book Illustrator/Writer & Former Rap Star